Christmas 2020 is coming… Here are a few ideas to help make it memorable!

Permission to be real for a minute??? Christmas and Advent are going to be a little different this year.   We know you realize it, but sometimes it’s helpful to fully admit it.   And with the uncertainty of 2020 adding a giant layer of complication to what can already be a stressful time, it’s easy to lose focus on what really matters this season.   So instead of giving in to feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed, … Read more

VIDEO: What do the Grinch & COVID-19 have in common?

They both tried and failed to keep Christmas from coming! Discover ways to help families celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas in 2020 during this webinar! Have you been: Looking for creative ways to bring the Christmas season to your church that are COVID-friendly? Searching for meaningful Advent experiences for families during the pandemic? Wondering … Read more