Tips For Taking Your Retreat Online

In the wake of the pandemic, women’s ministry leaders around the country had to cancel their retreats when suddenly meeting in-person became a national no-no. Maybe you were one of them. With hope that communities and churches would open back up sooner than later, the reality is upon us that getting “back to normal” is … Read more

Hosting Group’s Cafe Chocolat Retreat Online

A retreat is a time for women to come together to connect as friends and to deepen their faith. While we believe this happens best when women have a chance to gather face to face, sometimes (like amidst a pandemic) that isn’t possible. But just because a retreat can’t be done in-person doesn’t mean it … Read more

VIDEO: How to Host a Successful Women’s Retreat Online

NOTE: This is a recording of a webinar that took place on May 14, 2020. The Coronavirus has led women’s ministry into new territory—and new opportunity!—this year. One unexpected but exciting opportunity is the chance to host an online women’s retreat. With lower costs, increased scheduling flexibility, and more accessibility, an online retreat may be … Read more

TUTORIAL: Hosting an Online Retreat Using Zoom Meetings

Yes, we are overwhelmed by all the choices, too! And while we are cautious to recommend any one platform, we know how helpful it can be to receive some direction. For that reason, we’re writing this tutorial for Zoom Meetings. But if you’re not comfortable with Zoom for any reason, there are many others that … Read more

PERMISSIONS For Hosting a Group Retreat Online

NOTE: These permissions are only extended to those who have purchased a Cafe Chocolat or WonderFull World Retreat kit. If you purchased a kit and have NOT received the online hosting guide, please contact MUSIC Our Group retreats include four Group-owned songs and four songs from other copyright holders. For the songs from other … Read more