PERMISSIONS For Hosting a Group Retreat Online

NOTE: These permissions are only extended to those who have purchased a Cafe Chocolat or WonderFull World Retreat kit. If you purchased a kit and have NOT received the online hosting guide, please contact


Our Group retreats include four Group-owned songs and four songs from other copyright holders.

For the songs from other copyright holders, Group has not obtained rights to allow our customers to distribute or use those songs online. For Group-owned songs, Group owns ALL RIGHTS, and we are able to extend permission and allow for various uses of these songs.

Therefore, when you use our adapted online retreat guides, you will find we have excluded the songs that are owned by other copyright holders.

Please do NOT use the songs that are not in the online guides for your online retreat, as this violates the copyright. The online guides will have this information clearly noted.


Our printed materials are copyright protected materials, which means they cannot be photocopied or distributed digitally. However, for the purpose of your online retreat, we are relaxing these permissions for select components of your retreat kit.

For the Online Retreat Guide, Worship Leader Guide, and your Session Leader Guides, we extend permission to distribute the digital PDF guides we have provided through email, make copies to deliver to your leaders, or post them on a privately accessible website. (A digital packet containing PDF copies of these guides are emailed to you once your purchase is complete. If you have not received your digital packet, please contact

You may not make copies of or distribute the Participant Guide digitally, which is why we have not provided you with the digital files. Because this resource is a required element for each woman to have, we request you purchase a copy for each participant and arrange delivery or pick-up for your participants.


Due to the interactive nature of our retreats, it is suggested you host your online retreat LIVE rather than through a prerecorded video. Should you choose to prerecord any part of your retreat, we grant you permission to do so for a period of 90 days. We also grant you permission to host your retreat on a live video platform.

You have our permission to read any part of the retreat, verbatim, from your guides during your online retreat. You also have permission to play the Group-owned songs. Please reference your ONLINE retreat guide for which songs are included in this permission.


You are welcome to use the images and forms provided for your own nonprofit church publicity needs, such as newsletters, bulletins, correspondence, T-shirts, brochures, or website. However, it is illegal to use these images for any purpose not related to your own group’s presentation of a Group retreat or for any activity intended to profit from their use. For further questions about permissions, please contact