Hosting Group’s WonderFull World Retreat Online

A retreat is a time for women to come together to connect as friends and to deepen their faith. While we believe this happens best when women have a chance to gather face to face, sometimes (like amidst a pandemic) that isn’t possible.

But just because a retreat can’t be done in-person doesn’t mean it can’t be powerful! With today’s technology, women can experience the same laughter, friendship, and spiritual depth during an online retreat.

If the thought of hosting an online retreat intimidates you—take heart! The WonderFull World Online Retreat Guide will walk you step by step through the process of modifying your WonderFull World retreat for an online setting and have fun in the process!

How To Get the Online Guide

You will still need the WonderFull World Retreat Director’s Kit to host your online retreat. So when you purchase the kit, you will receive an email that contains the online guide plus a number of other digital files to make sharing leader guides with all your leaders easy.

Why WonderFull World Will Shine Online

As you already know, many women’s retreats focus on a featured speaker who teaches women from the stage throughout the whole event.

We think this format has limitations, and those limitations are even more pronounced when a retreat moves to an online setting.

Why? Because listening to a “talking head” doesn’t get women involved. Rather than learning together by sharing stories, discovering Scripture, and enjoying hands-on activities, women are passively sitting and listening to someone else talk. It’s easy for minds to wander and for distracting thoughts to intrude. And these obstacles are amplified when women are watching a screen from home.

WonderFull World is designed to get women involved, and the online experience won’t be any different. We want to see transformation—not distraction! For this reason, WonderFull World will be a much better experience than the other “virtual” retreats featuring a speaker only.

Learn more about the WonderFull World experience, get your kit, and start planning your online retreat today! The women in your church and community need connection now more than ever.