BE BOLD Tips to Stay Relational, Experiential, and fun!

We know that right now, your Be Bold class looks a little different. It’s hard not to meet in person! But we’ve been inspired by a friend in ministry who’s doing something amazing with her Be Bold group (and seeing it grow!), and we want to help you do the same.

Here’s a great way to teach Be Bold while you can’t meet in person to keep it relational, experiential, and fun!

Step 1. Put together a “Bold Bag” for the quarter for each preteen. To make this easy, we’re providing you with a list of what you’ll need to include along with a Be Bold Student Pack. Plus, a list of household supplies we expect preteens already have. You’ll find the Summer and Fall 2020 supply list available now in the Digital Download Center. (If you’re new to Be Bold, you’ll find directions for the download center inside the front cover of your Be Bold Leader Guide.)

Step 2. Arrange a “Bold Bag” pick-up date at your church. Or, for an even more personal touch, deliver them to your preteens’ homes! Arrange this ahead of time so you can wave through the window and have that face-to-face connection (from a safe distance).

Step 3. Plan to meet live weekly with your Be Bold group, using an online video chat tool. Don’t mute them! This will be a relational time where your preteens will participate just like they do when you’re in person! Read our simple tips for hosting lessons online.

Step 4. Make minor tweaks to the lesson. With the Student Books and other supplies in their Bold Bags, you should be able to teach the lesson with only a few minor adaptations! We’ve made some basic suggestions below.

Step 5. Have preteens gather supplies. At the scheduled time for your group, tell preteens which pages to tear out of their student books, and which supplies they’ll need to gather from their homes or their Bold Bags.

Here are some suggested tweaks you may want to make for maximum effectiveness:

  • You’ll often need to cut the arrival activity. Instead, use this time to check in with your preteens. See how they’re doing with being stuck at home. Have they made anything cool? Let them show off their pets or other exciting things they want to share.
  • You’ll find a PDF of the Bold Values poster in the Digital Download Center. Simply open it up and share your screen for that time! (If you’re new to Be Bold, you’ll find directions for the download center inside the front cover of your Be Bold Leader Guide.)
  • The Question Collection time usually happens on a whiteboard. Instead, use the chat feature of the video conferencing platform you’re using so kids can type their questions.
  • The game will usually need to be cut, but use your creativity to come up with a fun game like I Spy or Would You Rather.
  • The Question of the Week section will usually work pretty well as is since you’ve provided supplies, but you may want to check it for minor tweaks here and there before your online session starts.
  • The Bold Action section will work well since you’ve provided the supplies, but you may need to be creative about HOW these items are used if it’s meant to serve your church. Can you take a picture of your group chat with everyone holding up their items and post it to the church’s social media page? (With parents’ permission, of course!) Or maybe kids can hold on to their items and save them for when your church reopens. Maybe they can use them to bless their families or neighbors instead!

That’s it! With just a minor amount of tweaking and some planning ahead for the quarter, you can make Be Bold almost as amazing as it is when you meet in person!